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перевод на узбекский, перевод с узбекского

Performing translation into/from Uzbek you should focus on its differences and peculiarities. Let us consider some of the most complex features:

• verbs are always placed on the last place. It follows that understanding of the sentence comes at the end.

• word formation occurs through accession of affixes, which have their individual significance, to the root.

• essential place in the word is taken by suffixes that determine the number (singular, plural) and the part of speech (such as noun) of the word. Due to the fact that each suffix corresponds to a certain grammatical category, Uzbek words can be quite large.

  For a correct interpretation of the text the translator must understand the Uzbek word formation, know all the suffixes and their meaning, have wide vocabulary. Experienced translators working in our company will perform translation into/from Uzbek efficiently and quickly in all branches:

• Translation of business documents: agreements, contracts, invoices, etc.;

• Translation for students: lectures, diplomas, essays, term papers;

• Highly specialized translation in various fields: law, economics, medicine, engineering, etc.

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Cost of translation from Uzbek is from 360 RUB/page

Cost of translation into Uzbek is from 360 RUB/page


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