Translations from / into Chinese: an objective necessity

Китайский язык: переводы






 Though Chinese is considered the most widespread in the world, but there are very few translators from Chinese. The Chinese policy of “open doors” and export-oriented enterprise contribute to the country’s integration into the world economy. 

More than 20 countries are connected with China with free trade zones, and Russia is among the top ten of China’s main trading partners. The economic and demographic expansion of China in Russia is increasing. And thus it is essential to have in staff a specialist able to do translations from Chinese into Russian and vice versa. To our joy, we got such specialist in our agency and the Chinese translation has become one of the services that is quite popular among our clients.

What kind of translation services into Chinese does AG agency provide

• translation of legal, business and personal documents - contracts, business plans, laws. Russia cooperates with China in the oil and gas, iron and steel, engineering and chemical industries. Joint ventures are organized in construction, agriculture, trade and service sector; 

• translation of promotional materials - brochures, product catalogues for participation in trade shows; 

• translation of technical texts - operating instructions for devices and equipment, passports, certificates, product warranties, other documents and reference books; 

• literary translation of Chinese texts in philosophical, medical, sports-related themes, tourist brochures, journalistic and economic articles; 

• website localization.

Features of translation from/into Chinese

Translations with the Chinese language is very time-consuming and complicated, because the Chinese written language uses characters, the number of which reaches 80 thousand. One character may represent letter, syllable and word. You can distinguish them by the context. But the difficulty lies in the fact that in writing there are no gaps between the characters. In addition, the Chinese language has very developed ambiguity, which also complicates the process of translation. 

And there is a large number of dialects in Chine which are divided into 7 groups. Chinese people from different provinces sometimes do not understand each other, but translator must know the characteristics of each group. These difficulties set a higher cost. Translating into Chinese, we attract native speakers. And translating from Chinese into Russian is accompanied by the use of a large number of reference materials and specialized dictionaries.

Despite the objective difficulties, we always observe order deadlines and achieve a perfect result in work. Please send orders at any time by or call: +7 (812) 409-38-84.


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