Armenian language: translations

Переводы с армянского

         Armenian differs significantly from other languages in Indo-European family. This language is very similar to Greek and conservative. It has been unchanged since ancient times. Translators in “AG Translation service” master all known language peculiarities. 

What are peculiarities? It has:

• unique alphabet and rather strange punctuation.

• no masculine, neuter and feminine gender.

• various dialectic groups that differ significantly.

Our translators are perfectly mastered this ancient language and ready to make high-quality translation from/into Armenian of any documents, including such fields as economic, technical, legal, medical, as well as translation of literary texts. In addition, we provide websites localization and translation.

If you would like to make order, please make it online or give us a call! By making online order calculation you can find out the translation cost.

Cost of translation is from 250 RUB/page



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