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перевод с грузинского языка

By translating from Georgian, or vice versa, it is necessary to take into account its features. It is a language that has certain uniqueness. It has not an ordinary and difficult for perception structure of the sentence. While familiar to us structure subject-predicate-object in Georgian has the form of subject-object-predicate. When translating this structure from Georgian it is important not to abuse the process of action in the text, as this may affect the amount of stylistic errors.

Other features of the language - verb structure and the ability to decline a noun, which allows focusing on the desired part of the stated sentence. In this situation, the order of words in a sentence may be spread.  For this reason, translation from Georgian must be performed by applying additional linguistic means and possessing a large vocabulary.

• We offer high quality translations in all branches:

• Translation of documents into Georgian: contracts, agreements, invoices, etc.

• Certificate of registration: real estate, marriage, divorce, etc.

• For students: texts, term papers, degree papers, etc.

• Single-discipline literature: economic, law, medical, art, etc.


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Cost of translation from Georgian is from 350 RUB/page

Cost of translation into Georgian is from 350 RUB/page




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