Services of translation and notarial certification of documents by “AG Translation Service” company

Услуги переводов «AG Translation Service»

Every day in St. Petersburg, Russia and all over the world people require a high level of translation services . For one it affects their personal life, while others - a successful examinations, the third - quick receipt of visa, citizenship, work permits. The slightest inaccuracy can lead to failure, disrupt plans, create conditions for further waste of time and money. That is why it is important to turn to the professionals!

Main types of translations

  •  Translation of web-resources, localization and multilingual page proof, adaptation and translation of computer games, software, mobile applications.
  • Translation of audio, video, , movies and commercials. We receive sources in Russian (or any foreign language) from you - then translation into English, French or another language, we are working with. The finished material is provided in a text document format.
  • Scientific and technical (sectoral) translation. Our translators are professionals who specialize only in the legal, medical and many other areas.
  • Notary translation. In this case, translation services can be provided with notarial certification. Please note that we bear full responsibility for the interpretation of documents from one language to another. Therefore, we can certify only those texts, which have been translated by «AG Translation Service» employees.
  • Apostille service and legalization of documents - translation services with apostille stamp. This allows the document to have the same legal force in Russia and on the territory of another country.

1 page counts for 1800 characters with spaces.

Why do you need to order translation services of contracts in the company «AG Translation Service»?

For 5 years of successful work we have cooperated with a number of clients. Many corporate clients are interested in services of fast and accurate translation of contracts in different language pairs. Business community is now inseparably linked with rapid response to e-mails from partners, suppliers and investors. Any delay can lead to a loss of profit. Services of our translation agency are focused on projects of any difficulty, so we can guarantee the performance of their duties in the required due term.

High quality work of the agency «AG Translation Service» is achieved by full and comprehensive control. Our advantages in the provision of contract translation services:

  • Engaging narrowly focused specialists to work on each project. Your order will perform not just translators, but professionals who know exactly how to draw up different types of documents.
  • Package of translation services. This means that the text after translation is going through editing & proofreading in all cases.
  • Additional processing. In addition to high-quality translation you get materials sustained in the same style.
  • Translation agency services are provided strictly in a set period of time, which is a framework agreed in advance with the client. You will not encounter undue procrastination or delay.
  • Processing large amounts of data - up to 1,000 pages per day!

We can ensure translation of contract or relevant sectoral text in any direction from / into all languages as defined in “Languages and prices”. 

Inexpensive or urgent translation?

Cooperating with us, you do not have to choose! An urgent translatio in St. Petersburg in the company “AG Translation Service” is a professional translation services at an affordable prices. We do not just work on weekends, but also ready to provide additional discounts.

Order translation services in St. Petersburg at any time - just leave your request on website of the company «AG Translation Service»!

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