Payment method

Methods and terms of payment

 Our translation agency works on principle of partial prepayment. This means that payment for services will consist of two parts. Part of the amount between 30 and 50% is paid before translation, the balance - after full provision of services.

 The specifics of our services - mainly work with electronic documents and our experience - shows that the majority of clients prefer electronic payment methods. It is convenient because you can make payment without leaving the place where you are, and to save time.

 We offer you an immediate way to transfer money online. It is suitable if you have a bank card of Visa, MasterCard or account on Yandeks.Money. Online payment is absolutely safe because it is carried out through the banking system authorization and is protected by data encryption tools.

 Fill in online payment form, after selecting a payment method.

 * payment form

 Click “Pay” and follow the instructions of the system.


If for some reason you are not satisfied with this payment method, you can use the other: 

Transfer money to the Sberbank card no.4276 3800 6303 5351

If you have an account in Sberbank, the fee will not be charged.

You will be able to transfer money online from card to card through an ATM or telephone.

 Transfer money on an e-wallet.


Yandex.Money to wallet 41001691686202


Qiwi wallet on number +37495888571


Webmoney to WMR-wallet R211684805133or WMZ-wallet Z297869746715



Attention! To help us to get started quickly with your order, please send us the payment receipt, inform your name and contact, if you did transfer into an e-wallet.

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