Translation from Russian into Ukrainian and vice versa: we are dotting the i’s

переводы с/на украинский язык






 Territorial neighbourhood of Russia and Ukraine, cultural and historical community, unity of the linguistic roots - our language have much more in common than one might think. Translation from Russian into Ukrainian and vice versa is considered not difficult, therefore we have rather  low prices

Despite the large number of archaic meanings and forms, lexical composition of the Ukrainian language has a lot in common with the Russian one, and the syntax and punctuation altogether identical. If Russian and Ukrainian will speak in their own languages, they will certainly be able to understand each other. Language closeness allows to use translation tools while translating from Ukrainian into Russian. 

The result of online translation into Ukrainian will have a high percentage of adequacy, but still requires editing. This method is appropriate for everyday communication. But on the contrary translation of documents from Ukrainian into Russian is better to trust the translator.

What types of translation are of the highest demand?

Most often clients order translation from Ukrainian into Russian of personal official documents in our agency. This trend is caused mainly by two factors: change of residence, study or work in Russia. 

We look forward to your orders if you need to translate: 

• identity documents; 

• documents issued by the Civil Registry Office; 

• migration registration documents; 

• certificate of labour experience; 

• diploma of graduation, diploma and annexes thereto, of courses graduation certificate, student card and student grade record; 

• IDs (pension, driver); 

• applications, CV, letters of recommendation and covering letters; 

• medical certificates, references, military card and other types of documents. 

Services of business document translation are also in demand. Mainly they are contracts, charter, legal and regulatory documents, financial records. Translation of technical texts from Ukrainian into Russian is rarely used, but reverse translation is made more often. 

Send us a file for translation, to learn cost of the order, and we will inform you shortly. Do not have time to wait? Call us: +7 (812) 409-38-84 or Skype: gevorgjan3.

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