Kyrgyz language: translations

Письменные переводы с киргизского

  Kyrgyz native speakers amount to 4 million people in the world. Most of them live in Kyrgyzstan. The modern Kyrgyz alphabet is based on Cyrillic script. Since the Russian language had a significant impact on the Kyrgyz language it is very important to avoid borrowings from Russian in translation. Professional translators, in “AG Translation service” including native speakers do not make such errors.

Specialists in “AG Translation service” will translate any texts in various directions:

1. Legal:

• power of attorneys;

• identity documents;

• diplomas and certificates;

• testaments.

2. Technical:

• operating instructions;

• scientific and technical works;

• product catalogues.

3. Medical:

• epicrisis;

• recipes;

• examination protocols;

• research papers, dissertations

4. Literary:

• books;

• periodical publications;

• speeches, performances;

• advertising texts.

Above are listed just some translations, which are the most frequently performed by our specialists. In addition, we provide translation and localization of websites. Highly qualified translators working from/into Kyrgyz allows to avoid misinterpretation due to the presence of two dialects, in which the same word is spelled differently. Our customers receive translations that accurately convey the meaning of the original text.

If you would like to make order, please make it online or give us a call! By making online order calculation you can find out the translation cost.

Cost of translation is from 350 RUB/page.

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