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Качественный перевод с итальянского языка и на итальянский

Italian is not the most popular language in the world. It is spoken by no more than 70 million people. However, Italy is the motherland for a large number of brand names. For example, professional translation is required in the area of automotive or fashion and for active business partnership. Italian art is well known all over the world so there is often a need for literary translation from the original language, such as opera librettos, literary works etc. Quite often there is a need to translate websites.

Our professionals are regularly improving their skills and developing every day using their skills. There are native speakers in AG Translation service agency.

The Italian language is in the group of Romance languages, and has a complex specific nature:

• diacritical marks and diagraphs are widely used;

• prepositions and articles are used more often than in other Romance languages

• Italians write dates in their own manner

• there are many dialects

To perform a competent translation into/from Italian  you must be proficient in “official” Italian language and to know regional peculiarities and dialect. Our specialists in AG Translation service agency have all the listed advantages.

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Cost of translation from Italian is from 350 RUB/page

Cost of translation into Italian is from 350 RUB/page


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