Literary translation

Literary texts differ from documents or technical texts with their original author’s style, their special atmosphere, which should be not only caught by translator, but also qualitatively rendered. The art of literary translation is only within power of highly qualified linguists. Render the author’s style, the characters emotions and observe the linguistic nuances of the artwork - these are all translator tasks.

The translated text must be as similar to the original, so that the reader could not guess that it is a translation. Search for verbal constructions needed in specific cases, selection of epithets, comparisons, usage of different means of expression - such a difficult “set” of tools is available to the professional translator. The use of all these tools creates such translation of art work, that the readers can easily immerse themselves in the world of characters story or play, and the atmosphere created by the author.

Today literary translation into English and French are very popular. Fiction literature and its translation is rather popular service, but there are a few experts in the field.

At your service the best professionals of our agency - translator-linguists. They will perform online literary translation in a quality manner and on time for you.

We translate:

  • Literary works;
  • Literary articles;
  • Newspaper articles, magazines;
  • Film scripts, plays, television programs;
  • Poems;
  • News.

Our company guarantees you the quality of literary translations into English and other languages online. For more information, please contact us or order a call. We will be glad to advise you.

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