Russian-Greek translation of “AG Translation Service” professionals

перевод на греческий язык 

Specialists of our agency will cope with any task related to the translation from Greek into Russian. “AG Translation Service” staff competence includes the work with texts and messages of vary difficulties, legal, personal, charter and other types of documents.


The main difficulties of 

Russian-Greek translation


This language pair has many features that make it very difficult to work with texts of various kinds. For example, the Greek translation has no specific rules on sentence structure. All the words in the text should be placed conventionally chaotic, connected to each other only with punctuation marks. Another feature of this dialect is the absence of infinitive. In the texts their role is carried out the subjunctive mood, which requires special attention from the linguist.


Translation into Greek is even more difficult task. Despite the similarity of the rules of the language pair, punctuation, common sentence structure requires maximum attention. Where we put a question mark, they have a semicolon. In addition, a unique symbolism not encountered in the Russian language is used.


Quality translation from Greek into Russian by “AG Translation Service”


We are working with this language pair for several years. Considerable experience in processing art, advertising, scientific texts makes it easy to navigate both in style and unique terms of the Greek language. Cooperation with us gives:


  • high accuracy of transferring information;
  • no ambiguous phrases;
  • compliance with deadlines and any agreements;
  • opportunities of Russian-Greek translation and vice versa from the audio and video files;
  • exact compliance with the rules when working with documents;
  • ability to create texts from scratch for their subsequent placement on the Internet, in newspapers, advertising posters.




High quality at a reasonable price


The results obtained in our agency can not be compared with the software or private services. “AG Translation Service” is a team of professionals that can work both separately and in team. With a staff of highly skilled professionals with field-specific higher education and native speaker support, we can guarantee 100% relevance of our translations for other countries. No matter what kind of translation you will order: from Greek into Russian or vice versa. You can be sure of high accuracy of sense rendering and all features present in the text.


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