French language: translations

Переводы с французского на русский и обратно

         French language unlike the Russian one has an analytical system. It contains many auxiliary verbs, articles, prepositions. Most often the masculine gender in Russian corresponds to the feminine gender when translating into French. High quality translation is not possible without knowledge of the language peculiarities. Even misuse of the article is able to radically change the meaning of words.

         Having made an order in translation agency “AG Translation service”, you get guaranteed quality translation into/from French. High translation quality standards are provided by the presence of professional translators, constantly improving their qualifications, some of whom are native speakers.

We translate into French:

• Personal documents

• Contracts

• Scientific works

• Instructions

• Product catalogues

• Periodical publications

• Books

• Articles

The listed texts can be of technical, legal or medical direction. Moreover it may be fiction literature and even websites. Our translators are perfectly proficient in the language that allows them to do exclusively high-quality translations.

If you would like to make order, please make it online or give us a call! By making online order calculation you can find out the translation cost.

Cost of translation from/into French is from 300  RUB/page


French language, translations:

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