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перевод на азербайджанский

 Making translation into / from the Azerbaijani language, it is important not only accurately render the words with their meaning, but also emotional, expressive style of the language. The key moment of excellent translation is highly informational content, sequential translation, precise specification of details and high level of comprehensibility of information translated. Translating into Azerbaijani you should pay attention to its unique characteristics: morphology, typology, vocabulary and phonetics.

So, if we consider the language from the morphological point of view, it belongs to agglutinative languages. This means: adherence of different prefixes and suffixes to the word, which render single meaning; roots of the words are separate words; meaning in grammar and communication are displayed with clear suffixes; little use of long vowels.

As for the accents in Azerbaijani words, they may be on a different syllable - depending on the parts of speech.

  One of the important features when translating from the Azerbaijan language - translator should consider dialects and adverbs, which may have their pecuarities. There are 2 types of dialects: Caucasian and South Azerbaijan.

From what has been said, it can clearly be inferred that only highly qualified specialist can provide quality service.

  We offer help of the high-quality translators in all sectors:

• Business documents: contracts, agreements, invoices and other documents

• Translation for students: artistic text, lectures, diplomas, term papers

• Single-discipline translations: law, economics, engineering, art and etc.

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Cost of translation from Azerbaijani is from 350 RUB/page.

Cost of translation into Azerbaijani is from 400 RUB/page.



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